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3-Way Decorative Tin
Peanut Tin

The Virginian

  A tempting treat that offers a variety of peanuts for everyone. 12 oz of each:

     • Honey Roasted
     • Butter Toasted

     • Double Dipped Chocolate Covered

Not only is this a gift, but it is a culinary experience!

• Gourmet Salted Peanuts 18 oz.
• Double-Dipped Chocolate P-nuts 7 oz.

• Vidalia Onion Ranch Dressing 12 oz.
• 9 oz. jelly/preserves

    $18.95 Qty:
$44.95 Qty:

Quadruple Drool Special
Quadruple Drool

3-Way Gift Box (12 oz. Tins)
3 Way Gift Box


You MUST check three items to include in your gift box:

Gourmet Salted  Gourmet Unsalted

Cajun Gourmet Butter Toasted

Honey Roasted Peanut Squares

Peanut Brittle Double Dipped Chocolate Covered

$19.95 Qty:

That's what you'll do when this package arrives!
Peanuts! 18 oz. each of:

• Honey Roasted       • Gourmet Peanuts
• Butter Toasted        • Double Dipped Chocolate

    $31.95 Qty:

Cup Stack
Cup Stack

Can Stack

    Stack of 3 cups:

• Gourmet Salted Peanuts (6 oz.)

• Butter Toasted Peanuts (7 oz.)

• Double Dipped Chocolate Peanuts (7 oz.)



    $13.95 Qty:

    Stack of these 3 items:

• Gourmet Salted Peanuts (22 oz.)

• Double Dipped Chocolate Peanuts (18 oz.)

• Butter Toasted Peanuts (7 oz.)


    $23.95 Qty:

Some Like It Hot Basket
SLIH Basket

Chocolate Lover's Basket
CL Basket

Basket design will vary but products listed will be included:

• Cajun Gourmet Peanuts (18 oz. can)

• Chesapeake Bay Peanuts (18 oz. can)
•Cajun in the Shell (2 lb. bag)

• Spicy Trail Mix (6 oz.)

• Wasabi Peanuts (4 oz.)

• Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Peanuts (6 oz.)


    $46.95 Qty:

Basket design will vary but products listed will be included:

• Double Dipped Chocolate Peanuts (18 oz. can)

• Chocolate Covered Peanut Brittle (18 oz. can)
• Chocolate Covered Almonds (7 oz.)

• Chocolate Covered Cherries (7 oz.)

• Chocolate Covered Cashews (6 oz.)

• Chocolate Covered Pecans (6 oz.)

• Chocolate Covered Raisins (8 oz.)


    $49.95 Qty:

Sweet Tooth Basket
ST Basket


Basket design will vary but products listed will be included:

• Butter Toasted Peanuts (7 oz.)

• Butter Toasted Pecans (6 oz.)
• Butter Toasted Cashews (6 oz.)

• Butter Toasted Almonds (6 oz.)

• Cashew Brittle (6 oz.)

• Peanut Brittle (6 oz.)

• Peanut Squares (7 oz.)

• Maple Nut Goodies (6 oz.)


    $47.95 Qty:



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